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Black Swallowtail

Butterflies are easier to capture in a photo or video than you might think. They will come back to the same flowers after flitting away, which they will do when they first become aware of you and at other times. All you have to do is stand still and wait. Then when they do come back follow them slowly.

I followed one long enough to make this video.

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In the West

One reason for this blog is for legacy’s sake. I know that it is presumptuous to assume people will want to know about my life, but if they do, I want them to be able to find an account. I want to leave as much behind as possible. If you are familiar with the Native American Medicine Wheel, you will understand when I say I am in the west, my sunset years. Some think I am being morbid or negative, but I think I am being realistic and positive. Sunsets are often beautiful.

A friend recently asked me how old I see myself or feel inside. I surprised myself by answering, “a woman in her seventies”. I am seventy-six. The surprise was I said it with pride. Oh, not that I have not looked back with longing, but in that moment sitting under a shade tree visiting with a dear friend, I was more than content to be where I was and who I am. Even a year ago, I could not have said that. For years I have corrected people who compliment me by telling me I do not look or act my age. I tell them I do look and act my age – just not their preconceived view of my age.

In my sixties, I went through a doom and disaster worry stage. I dwelt on being single, female, low income, and getting older. I was sure my life would not get better. My focus was on maintaining. None of that has changed, but I do not worry about it, as much.

On this blog, I will share some of my past and present journey in hopes of others feeling a bit better about aging. One of the privileges of being my age is some people think I have surely learned something worth sharing. At one point I thought my best advise was don’t cut your own hair. Now I think i have some good advice. Fight the physical side of aging by taking care of your body, but do not fight against the fact you are aging. We all are. Fight any negative attitude about aging. Do not miss the beauty of any part of your life, no matter your age.

Listening to “Betty Jean” – right side bar or bottom of the blog will give you a bit of my journey.

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Dog Days

Every year July and August – those dreaded dog days.

Never have I ever heard anyone say, “I love dog days!” Jada wants no part of them outside. She much prefers to stay inside lying on the cool hardwood floor, her bed, or the couch.

When I was growing up, spending my summers in the country with my grandparents or cousins, I thought dog days meant days so hot the dogs did not want to do anything but laze round in the shade. We were lazy, too. Our clothes and hair were damp, or even wet, with sweat if we had to do anything in the sun. I do not remember being told to keep hydrated, but I do remember drinking a lot of tea.

In Alabama, Dog days are getting hotter and hotter. Today it is 94 degrees Fahrenheit with a heat index of105F (40.5C). I dare say anyone or anything who has to be outside is suffering. I have not tried frying an egg on my concrete but maybe could. I do know I can not walk barefoot on my concrete.

I found this butterfly on one of my zinnias this morning. Likely the heat compromised his wings.

The term dog days goes back much farther than those hot summer July and August days of my youth. In ancient Greek, dog days began when the bright star Sirius, the dog star, rose in the sky. I do not have enough imagination to see a dog in the constellation, but the ancient Greeks did.

Go to for images and explanation of the history of the term. I am going to keep my growing-up-in-Alabama definition, make some tea, and go sit under a shade tree though and sweat.

If you are interested in Astrology…

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You Know You Gotta Friend

Mark Narmore and I sat, both masked, in my backyard under a shade tree this morning and talked like old friends do. We have Zoomed, but this was our first true visit since March. In fact, this was my first visit with anyone other than family since then. We agreed you know you have a true friend when they will mask for you.

Later Will McFarlane came by, and we visited under my shade tree. There are many people I would like to see, but a few I need to see. Mark and Will are two I need to see.