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Get me out of this vacuum!

Please, follow this blog and leave comments. I am missing the interaction and feedback now that I am on social media break. This feels somewhat like a vacuum .

Instead of quick Facebook posts, generally not edited, I want to find my style and my voice for the novel I plan to write. To do so, I have to slow down and not be so quick and careless.

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On a Bipolar Day

My Day Is a Win If..

Having bipolar disorder is challenging in the best of times. Now, during Covid19 self-isolation, I struggle. My mantra Sleep Eat Meds is often enough for a good day, but other days I need ways to stay up and going and positive. I rely on strategies, some long standing and some new.

Now in the morning or the night before I decide my day will be a win if I do a certain thing. Yesterday my day was a win because I got the trash and recycling to the curb. The day before my day was a win because I did not nap during the day. Today my day is already a win because I am writing this.

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July 16, 2020

The Importance of Showing Up

This morning I opened the Zoom room for Thursdays Circle Coffee, a meeting I host every Thursday.  Some weeks I do not feel like setting it up, making the link available, or even being present. Thank heavens, I have a co-host, Grant Walden, so the coffee hour can go on without me if I am just not up to it.

Grant Walden, ElizaBeth Hill, and Jim Parker joined me for coffee this morning. Grant is a Muscle Shoals studio owner, engineer, songwriter, musician, and more.  Jim has been in music longer than I have, and that is saying a lot.  He wrote “Chicken Truck” by John Anderson and many, many more songs.  He hosts the monthly Jim Parker’s Songwriter Showcase at the  Huntsville Von Braun Civic Center.  Elizabeth is a Native American Canadian songwriter, screenwriter, and more.  Grant I work with now; Jim is a newer friend; ElizaBeth and I go back to the late eighties.

We talked about everything from the mundane to the sublime.  I am glad I showed up.

Nine Years Later


I started this blog thirty-eight  days before I retired but have posted only once. I am not going to catch you up on the last nine years other than none was as challenging as this one. Cocid19. I do not want to go there today. I am on break from all social media because posts and photos increased my stress level. However, I miss sharing photos, thoughts, and links, so here we are.