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Today’s Thoughts

Wow! Only two months of 2022 left. Two busy months for me. November 6th is the reboot of my Song Circle. November is National Novel Writing Month which. means I will write 1,667 words a day. November 8th, 10th, 15th, and 17th I will facilitate a Write a Memoir One Memory at a Time in-person class for The Tennessee Valley School of the Arts at the Ritz in Sheffield, Alabama – if at least ten people register.

Then in December, my niece from DC is staying with me for several weeks. Then – Christmas!

Usually I am a New-Year-resolution-maker. I spend New Year’s Eve alone journaling. I know – very reflective and not very social or exciting. This year I may party because I have already done so much reflecting and planning. For the first time in years, I feel like I am on a new path.

January – March I will facilitate a The Artist’s Way cluster for The Tennessee Valley of the Arts.

I am ready!

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Have I told you I am seventy-seven? I mention it because contrary to popular opinion, age is so much more than just a number. I am not into numerology, but like most of us, I like anything that corresponds with what I want to believe, and I want to believe in the power of 77 in my life this year.

If you know me personally or have been following me online, you know the last two years I have written a lot about the strong intuition that I was transitioning from one stage of my life to another. Since 2015, most of my energy had gone into songwriting and being an active part of the Muscle Shoals Music community. That is what I did, and I loved it – until I didn’t. My energy shifted physically, emotionally and mentally. Focusing on my music life did not give me the same joy. At my core, I am a writer, so I shifted to writing books.

I no longer feel in transition, but I am floundering. Writing books is harder than writing songs, at least for me it is. I say books instead of book because I have not settled on THE book. I have rough drafts of different books. Perhaps being seventy-seven and in the harvesting time of life, I have a different feeling about that than I possibly would have had seven years ago. Of course, I have goals, hopes, and aspirations, but they are not what is important. What is important most days I follow my energy. I do what I enjoy. I write. That is the luck of seventy-seven.

In April I entered into my twelfth seven-year life cycle. I do not expect another major energy shift, though one never knows. The following resonates with me.

77-84 Years (and beyond)“Taking the lessons that they have learned throughout the course of their life, the individual will take steps to remove all negativity from their lives, focusing their eyes solely on the thing that bring them joy and happiness. 

They will find that life’s mysteries, which have plagued them throughout the course of their lives, are suddenly made clear. Desiring to leave a legacy behind for generations to come, they will begin to dedicate the time and energy required to make this a reality”

What about you? Does the theory of life in seven-year cycles apply to your life? Please, leave me a comment.

Seven Come Eleven

From basic numerology, number 7 is a number that signifies completion or wholeness. Since 7 is doubled, the effect is also multiplied and the expectations become limitless. What does the number 77 symbolize? Number 77 is a symbolic representation of luck. (

Age 70-77: if the previous cycles have run according to course, this is the time when we become more intuitive and accepting. If we have been true to ourselves, exploring and connecting to our inner lives, we should now be able to harvest that experience and use the knowledge to improve our lives as well as our relationships. We can also help others with their search.”