Stephanie C Brown

So Far

If you follow me, you will see this site evolve as I evolve. I will begin my twelfth seven-year cycle of life in a few months when I turn seventy-seven. I am a Muscle Shoals songwriter, fiction and nonfiction writer, mentor, creative catalyst, advocate for people with bipolar disorder, master gardener, photographer, blogger, poet, artist, quilter, birder, and more. I am a retired English and English as a Second Language teacher on both secondary and university levels. I follow my energy since I have too many passions to follow at one time. Intent and focus are main rules for building an online presence which is what I am doing. My intent keeps changing, and I have never had a focus. Thank you for being a part of my journey.

You may get lost in the maze until I finish revamping. Many of the past pages are hidden until I complete revamping. I am working on a Dive Deep section so those old Muscle Shoals Music pages can be found.

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Stephanie C Brown
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