What Options aRE oPEN?

Before this pandemic, I was active in the Muscle Shoals music community and felt good about my contributions. I organized and hosted shows – big and small. My living room was the chosen place for writing songs with my close circle of cowriters. A hug at my door, good coffee, and soup for lunch were […]

Co-writing Session – What’s It Like?

A songwriter who does not play a instrument or even sing – that’s me. So, how can I say I am a songwriter? I am a word, image, and idea person with limited melody input. I do not write alone. I write with songwriters who do what I do and what I don’t. This is […]

You Know You Gotta Friend

Mark Narmore and I sat, both masked, in my backyard under a shade tree this morning and talked like old friends do. We have Zoomed, but this was our first true visit since March. In fact, this was my first visit with anyone other than family since then. We agreed you know you have a […]

July 16, 2020

The Importance of Showing Up This morning I opened the Zoom room for Thursdays Circle Coffee, a meeting I host every Thursday.  Some weeks I do not feel like setting it up, making the link available, or even being present. Thank heavens, I have a co-host, Grant Walden, so the coffee hour can go on […]

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