Lyrically Yours


f I had a video of every moment of my life

I would have nothing but images and sounds.

When my eyes are closed and I hear nothing

There my past  comes to me.

It shifts and changes 

So I never really know it

But the emotions remain

For they are the soul of the past.

lyrically yours – stephanie c. brown


Words –

Like the air I breath

There as long as I have life

Even if I couldn’t say them

Write them or even hear them

They’d be inside of me

And I would know them

lyrically yours – stephanie c brown

Swans Mate for Life

Swans –

Without words

Somehow they know

No discussions

No explanations

No apologies

Their faithfulness

Their loyalty

Never questioned

Side by side

They swim


Unspoken but lived

lyrically yours – stephanie c brown

No Cloak

In Snow

Sometimes a memory
Catches her unaware
No cover for her emotions
No cloak of I-don’t-care
She remembers the warmth
But she is no longer inside
It’s like she’s standing in snow
Cold and shivering
Watching a blazing fire
Through a picture window

Lyrically Yours – Stephanie C. Brown


Tides Sometimes you are so thankful for that one event
That last cutting remark that turns the tide for you
Washing away hopes and dreams built on sand
Leaving a clean empty space where they were
Perhaps you breathe easier than you have in awhile
You look at the colors of the sunset with open eyes
Knowing in the night you will see stars in the sky
Knowing tomorrow’s sun will shine a new light
Thankful for tides washing out – tides washing in  

Lyrically yours – stephanie c brown 

Losing You

There’s nothing I would have lost having you
But you would have lost so much having me
Remembering that when I look back
Eases the pain – somewhat

Now I am obsessed –
Where was I when you died?
How could I have not known
The moment you took your last breath? 

Maybe because the world we share
Has nothing to do with living and dying
Ours is the world of dreams
Dreams let go of, dreams held on to 

If we choose the same dream
At the same moment in time
Will we live that dream together
In a world of the living and the dying? 

This moment – this time
I choose

Lyrically yours – Stephanie C. Brown


We were two sparks

From the same fire

Dancing and then

 Falling together

Back into the fire

Once againOne flame

Lyrically yours – Stephanie C. Brown

Blue Moon Festival

Once upon a Blue Moon Festival

Mandolins and guitars

Troubadours under the stars

Singing well-known songs

Living songs as yet unwritten

With melodies and chords

Straight from winds and rivers

Words lost in the music

Meaning found

Once upon a Blue Moon Festival

Mandolins and guitars

Troubadours under the stars

Copyright: Stephanie C. Brown


Sometimes I try to think of the world from the other side
Maybe I am Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Shinto or agnostic,
Maybe the color of my skin is black, brown, yellow, or red
Maybe the only difference is my gender – maybe I’m male
As a Southern white woman that one stops me in my tracks.
I could be any of the above and no matter the differences
Adding a change of gender would change everything again.
Is gender after all the most fundamental difference?
Look at every race, nation, and the animal kingdom
Male and female undeniably clearly defined and divided.
I think from any nation, any religion or color of skin
Women find some common ground as sister mothers.
Hardest for me to imagine is the world from the male side
As I deal with you, a male, sometimes I shake my head,
I’ll never see what you see – you’ll never see what I see.

(Stephanie C. Brown)