I hope you enjoy my blog posts. I am searching for a focus and intent. For now, I am following my energy since I have too many passions to follow at one time.

Latest Posts

Jada and the Kittens

My Sweet Jada (April 2009 – June 2023) was my companion for almost fourteen year This could be a post about mourning, but it is not. I do not have words to describe how losing Jada hurts. If you have ever lost a dog, you know. If not, you probably would not understand even if…

A long and Winding Path

Then I was forty, a little over halfway to now. My life was on track with my childhood dreams. I was a wife, a mother, and a secondary school English teacher. Those three fit together. By the time I was forty-one, my life had changed drastically. I was still a wife and a mother but…

On Being a Writer

In the first grade, I wrote a short (short) story about a cigarette-smoking goat driving a car. In the 6th grade, I sent a national magazine a handwritten short story manuscript about a young girl whose family moved too often for her to make and keep friends. I have the notebook with the goat story.…

Depression – Dark and Deep

Depression – dark and deep      slowly steadily       pulling me under      like a stone       to the bottom      of a deep river Depression – my old friend I know you well so I rest heavy  curled inside myself waiting… I will myself to dream I am the butterfly Lyrically yours, Stephanie C Brown –


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