I hope you enjoy my blog posts. I am searching for a focus and intent. For now, I am following my energy since I have too many passions to follow at one time.

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Depression – Dark and Deep

Depression – dark and deep      slowly steadily       pulling me under      like a stone       to the bottom      of a deep river Depression – my old friend I know you well so I rest heavy  curled inside myself waiting… I will myself to dream I am the butterfly Lyrically yours, Stephanie C Brown –

Today’s Thoughts

Wow! Only two months of 2022 left. Two busy months for me. November 6th is the reboot of my Song Circle. November is National Novel Writing Month which. means I will write 1,667 words a day. November 8th, 10th, 15th, and 17th I will facilitate a Write a Memoir One Memory at a Time in-person […]


Have I told you I am seventy-seven? I mention it because contrary to popular opinion, age is so much more than just a number. I am not into numerology, but like most of us, I like anything that corresponds with what I want to believe, and I want to believe in the power of 77 […]


How loud does the Universe have to shout before I listen? Redbird is the final song on the project I am so proud of, CoCo O’Connor’s Big Reveal album. For weeks I have been posting on Facebook and Instagram about Buddy, my redbird friend, hopping and flying so close to me even follows me at […]


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