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Butterflies, Zinnias, and Bees

I intended to delve deep into quilting today. Then I went outside to a beautiful feels-like-fall Alabama day. Butterflies and bees were on my zinnias. The Monarch with its distinctive white spots on its wings and torso somehow justifies the wildness of my yard as do the Little Yellows, Gulf Fritillaries, Skippers, and bees.

I could try for words, but the photos speak more eloquently than I could.

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Learning Curve

For the last two days, I have been consumed by WordPress Growth Summit. For the last month, I have been in the middle of Jeff Goins’ Intentional Blog.

I now know enough to get lost going down any number of rabbit holes. You are going to see a lot of experimental features. Today I am learning I can have columns in individual posts. Edit: Multiple columns in one post do not show in phone view – only in desktop or tablet. Yes – definite learning curve.

How do you feel about being a Guinea pig? If you are reading this, you are. Perhaps, you will be more willing if i call you a beta reader – and listener.

I have decided to go ahead and publish while experimenting.

Blame It On…

No one to blame but me for all the chaos coming until the blog evolves. Including “Wish I Could Blame It on Tequila” lets me experiment adding audio. Sandy Carroll and I wrote the song. It is published in our respective publishing companies.

“Wish I Could Blame It on Tequila” written by Sandy Carroll and me – published by our respective publishing companies – info later

Did you listen to the song? If so, please leave a comment.

Ii think all my followers are personal friends at this point, so I feel free to experiment.

I may not post as often and what I post may be bit scattered while I am playing with content and format.

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Black Swallowtail

Butterflies are easier to capture in a photo or video than you might think. They will come back to the same flowers after flitting away, which they will do when they first become aware of you and at other times. All you have to do is stand still and wait. Then when they do come back follow them slowly.

I followed one long enough to make this video.