Stephanie C Brown

About Stephanie C Brown and This Blog

Welcome to my sharing space. Please, subscribe to my email list. You will get notices of my Wednesday and Saturday blog posts. Only two a week.

I have a lot to share after seventy-five years of living, over twenty years of teaching in high schools and universities, over thirty years of songwriting and wearing other hats in the music business, and years of being a birdwatcher and gardener. I tried to zero in on one main focus but decided the best I can do is “My friends and I”! This blog is not all about me.

You can expect a lot of Muscle Shoals music related, especially about songwriting and studio demo sessions with cowriters. Legendary Muscle Shoals is known for its rich history. As an insider, I have a unique opportunity for interviews, Zoom meet-ups, and webinars to share what’s going on now. Stephanie C Brown Little Shop of the Unique is not set up yet, but you can look forward to merch you cannot find anywhere else. A dozen or so of my cowriters and friends have old CDs and other merch.

I am known for mentoring songwriters, artists, and other music people. Garth Brooks credits me with being “where it all began”. He and I cowrote “Burning Bridges” which is on his multi-platinum CD and featured in his first anthology. He talks about me in his first documentary. It has been my honor to be with him on his journey. He says I discovered him, but more about that later. I founded and hosted Circle of Friends Songwriters Show in Nashville and more recently Muscle Shoals Circle of Friends Song Circle. I co-founded Soup and Song Symposium with the city of Florence, Alabama. More about all of that later, too.

I am thankful for my past but am more interested in my present and future. I am focused on this blog and writing a book. Blue Ocean Glass Publishing and Management is my newest endeavor. So far I am working with three songwriter artists And then – there’s my Zen life of gardening, mostly perennials and flowers from seeds, and photographing birds. I quilt when I need to focus or need to get my mind off of something else. More about all of that later, too.

I have bipolar disorder. I joke that I am the Bipolar poster child because for over twenty-five years I have coped successfully. My mantra is Eat, Sleep, Take Meds. I was in the hospital, the lockdown wing, when I was first diagnosed. Since then I have not been without a psychiatrist. I am outspoken and willing to share. No one should feel shame about having Bipolar Disorder although it is hard not to. It is a double-edged sword . I believe I owe much of my creativity to it, but the mood swings are hard to handle, especially when I bottom out. They are often not situational and happen often and unexpectedly. More about that later, too.

Welcome to my sharing place, and, you know, sharing is a two-way street. Let’s get to know each other.

Looking forward, Stephanie C