About Me


This was written two years ago. Life can turn on a dime. Maybe mine has not shifted so fast, but it has shifted. Music is no longer front and center. Now I am writing a book and plan more. If you read the blog posts, you will read about that.

I want to share my seventy-five year (so far) journey with you. I will focus on the now but will share some of the past.

I am a songwriter with one recognizable song: “Burning Bridges” written with and on Garth Brooks’ Ropin” the Wind album. He has said I am the person with whom it all started. That is so far in my past, but I know many people want to know that story and others from my Nashville days.

I am active in and passionate about being in the middle of the current Muscle Shoals music community as a songwriter and catalyst for others. I host a monthly Circle of Friends Song Circle and a weekly Zoom Thursday Morning Song Circle Coffee. Before Covid19, Song Circle met in person. Now we share songs via Zoom. We started the weekly coffee to stay in touch. I care about the music community and want to help by searching for ways to adapt now that income has been lessened due to few and far between live shows.

Some of my cowriters and friends have accomplished more and have more interesting stories than I. Some the younger ones with whom I write and mentor have taught me so much. The blog will delve into my co-writers’ and friends’ stories, too.

I have bipolar disorder. I post about that to share and educate.

I strive for the golden mean by balancing my personal life and my music life. I am a mother, a sister, and an aunt, but that is not part of this blog. I am an avid flower grower and bird feeder. Almost daily I photograph both. I am a poetry and prose writer with dreams of a book. I am a quilter. I sketch.

With this blog I want to tell my own story. When I am gone I want anyone who wants to, to find it. Listening to “Betty Jean” which is on the right sidebar, or at the bottom in phone view, will tell you a lot about me. I hope you go to the Song page and listen to some of my songs.

Thanks for being here,


What People Say

She’s the one who started it all

Garth Brooks

I think you could inspire older women especially who feel that it’s too late to chase a dream or accomplish something.

Lori Lovelace, fellow songwriter
Living on Zoom these days

Let’s build something together.