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What Options Are Open?

Before this pandemic, I was active in the Muscle Shoals music community and felt good about my contributions. I organized and hosted shows – big and small. My living room was the chosen place for writing songs with my close circle of cowriters. A hug at my door, good coffee, and soup for lunch were expected. We wrote what we call the song in the room. Those sessions flowed.

I wrote two or three times a week. Now I know those sessions were precious gifts. I miss those cowriting sessions so much. I miss the little things like handing someone a cup of coffee or a bowl of soup, seeing their smiles, and hearing them comment about how good. I miss our deep sharing of our experiences and philosophies. I miss the spontaneous laughter. Oh, how I miss that. I miss the sound of guitars and keyboards and my cowriters’ voices. I miss them all so much that unexpectedly , I am close to tears.

Then there were the Soup and Songs gatherings at my house with my music and other friends. One time I had reached out to young writers that I did not know personally. I greeted one person at the door with, “And you would be? ” One of my goals was to be sure no one knew everyone. How long before we feel the magic of being together again?

I miss the invitation only Circle of Friends Song Circles that I hosted. I miss it all, the planning, the promoting, and most of all sitting in that circle of twenty or so listening to songs. I miss the break with everyone talking so much that someone with a louder voice than I had to get everyone back in their seats for the second round. I miss the more formal Soup and Song Symposiums that I cohosted.

I miss our demo sessions. Our sessions with songwriters, musicians, engineers and soup at East Avalon studio are hard to describe. For some things, words are not enough

We carry on with Zoom the best we can with cowriting, Song Circle, Thursday morning Circle Round Coffee, and with Facebook private groups.

Muscle Shoals music community is close. We miss each other. I ask myself what now, what I can I do to keep what we have and help it grow? How can I be inclusive and help maintain and deepen our connections. I do not know exactly how, but this blog is part of the answer.

Please, leave comments. Ask me questions. We all need interaction. Let us be community.


8 thoughts on “What Options Are Open?

  1. This is beautiful, Stephanie! I look forward to catching up with your other blog posts (and hopefully seeing you and others soon).
  2. It takes courage to be so transparent. However, I am trying to focus on hope and look at the good that has occurred from this whole craziness …& as my granny always said…( who lived through the Great Depression) “you may have to endure for a season but not forever. “
  3. These are strange times. I’m enjoying that you are keeping the community building going through this blog. It’s important. We need this so much now.
  4. This is beautiful, Stephanie, and really hit home with me. I teared up a little while reading it. I have been out and about a little and had a few in-person writes, but I too miss the interaction with everyone. There’s just something special about the connection writers and musicians have with each other…even if we don’t know them well. I pray everyone stays well and all of this ends soon.
  5. Its good to know you Stephine and so proud your here . So much to do everyday, but i hope soon ,to us getting together again !!!!

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