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Obtainable or Pie in the Sky?

When the pandemic started one bit of commonly found advice was to learn a new language. I wonder how many people followed through with that? Building this blog is somewhat like learning a new language. A basic one is not so hard, like learning how to say hello and a few basic phrases of a language is not so hard.

I want to be fluent. Jeff Goins’ Intentional Blog course was a start. (If I were fluent, I would know how to embed that link). That course is as intensive as many university classes I have taken. I am not through with it. Thank heavens, I can always go back through the modules and read and post in the private Facebook group. Now I am enrolled in the WordPress Growth Summit. Until this year, it was in a big city and not virtual, so I could not have attended.

I will know how to accomplish what I want with this blog. I will have the skills. I have content to share. Will I? If I could be as connected and active with others now as I was before Covid19, I doubt I would follow through. I would be doing what I want this blog to do – share songs, host shows, spotlight people, keep conversations going, and tell my story. I can do that in this blog in a more permanent way.

Thank you for being here at the beginning. If you would, please, subscribe to my email list. At some point you will have access to content no one else does. One newsletter a week – if I can keep up.

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