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Wednesdays and Saturdays

Thank you, my eight followers for being with me from the beginnning. I am fourty-four posts in and getting a sense of what I want this blog to be and a plan for getting there.

What can you expect for now? Here’s the plan for now.

  • New post on Wednesday and Saturday
  • A photograph on Wednesday
  • A newsletter once a week – if you subscribe to my e-mail list. I think now subscribers are getting updates everytime I add a new post, but I am working on changing that to no updates and just one newsletter a week.

I post about my life, past and present. I post about having bipolar disorder. I post about Muscle Shoals music, especially about my cowriters and friends. I live in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, actually in Florence, Alabama, but several adjoining small cities (towns?) are referred to as the Muscle Shoals area. Muscle Shoals music is recognized worldwide. I am part of the Muscle Shoals music community so have bragging rights.

Some featured content such as webinars, Zoom rooms, interviews, virtual music shows, a series of You Ask – I Answer videos, digital album downloads, and my cowriters’ albums and merch to order will come later. All in good time – that’s the time table.

I am often asked about my part in Garth Brooks’ success, how I got into Muscle Shoals music in the late seventies, my Nashville days, and my songwriting. The You Ask – I Answer video series is the most concise ways to answer questions. I am often asked about my songs – what do I write? Go to Featured Songs under Stephanie C Brown Songwriter and Catalyst for ten songs and decide for yourself. “Betty Jean” is like a signature song for me, so it is always on the sidebar.

You could help by going to my contact page and using the form to communicate with me. What questions do you?

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