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Seasoned Songwriters’ Advice

Covid has changed my life. If not for Zoom, my calendar would be blank. The number of songwriting sessions is about the same as pre-Covid though now they are all Zoom and shorter with no soup and moving around in the house and yard. Song demos have definitely changed with musicians, songwriters, engineers, and invited guests no longer at the same studio creating music. Live songwriting and demos are what I miss most – other than being with family. I do not have as much feeding my energy, and I have more “free” time.

I have found two new things to occupy my time and feed my enregy – working on this blog and writing a book. I like changes and challenges . The learning curves on both have certainly given me those. I am settling into this blog. I like the look so see no need to keep changing that, and posts are easier to write now. The book? That is my big challenge. Structure is hard for me, but a book demands it. My writing has to bump up a bit.

The hardest thing so far has been deciding the subject of my book. Some suggest my life story, or at least a tellling or retelling of my experiences in music. I do not want to write either. They are much too personal with a lot of pain in both. The first subject I chose was very detached. That did not work. Then I found what works for me. My working title is Advise from Seasoned Songwriters Still in the Trenches. I will tweak that. My cowriters and music friends do not know yet they will be in the book.

The book will be available on this blog as will first drafts of some chapters. I have created yet another catagory – Advise from Seasoned Songwriters. Some of the posts will be the regular Wednesdays and Saturday posts, but some will be random.

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One thought on “Seasoned Songwriters’ Advice

  1. Stephanie, I’m just inspired by your energy and discipline … you set your goals and you get busy … I have so many ideas about possible things I would like to accomplish but have two main things that hold me back 1) lack of focus, because you have to be able to narrow your goals down to know which to tackle first and 2) thinking about it too much but never having the courage to just jump in and start doing something , I think mostly for fear that I’m fail because the details haven’t been thought through enough …. but deep down I know that the only way you can move forward is to “do” and this drives you to learn and focus as yo I go I think … oh well, sorry for my rambling this morning , but I just had to let you know that I’m proud of you for jumping in … you are fearless and from little I know of you , it does seem like you have lived a lot of your life that way and .. I would be willing to bet it’s the reason you have a friendship and a cut with Garth Brooks … hope you have a great day ….it’s another beautiful one ❤️

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