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A Christmas Song and More for You

Noel No You — (River and Stones Music, ASCAP and cowriters’ publishing) – I need to check writers in addtion to Sandy Carroll, Mitch Mann, Jim Gaines, and Stephanie C Brown)

Since I am in song mode, I will share three more. To listen to even more, go to Stephanie C Brown Songs (on the menu)

If Salvation Had a Color – ( Stephanie C Brown, Mark Narmore, Lillian Glanton – River and Stones, ASCAP and cowriters’ publishers)
Little Diamonds – (Stephanie C Brown, Sandy Carroll, Mark Narmore – River and Stones Music, ASCAP and cowrtiers’ – publishers)
We Will Dance (Stephanie C Brown, Mark Narmore, Sandy Carroll – River and Stones Music ASCAP and cowriters’ publishers) – I need to check for another cowriter)

I write a lot with six different cowriters in different combinations. I wrote ten songs in November. Someone has admin for River and Stones Music, so there is a record of cowriters. I could check but did not this morning.

I hope you enjoy listening. I am not always so melancholy. Just listen to Lumber of the Beast if you do not believe me!

Lumber of the Beast – Stephanie C Brown, Mark Narmore, Mitch Mann

Please leave a comment or email to let me know! If you liked one more than the rest, let me know that, too.

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