Spring Yard Work

I garden with Mother Naure, with little interference, so my yard is wild. I plant flower seeds and perennial plants. This week I have spent hours cleaning out two large beds. Underneath the grass and leaves, I found lilies, irises, yarrow, poppies, vervain, Sweet Williams, and coreopsis. In the summer, the now brown beds will […]

Down For the Count

…but not to 10 yet. I have already written about it here. Now I have captured it in a song. When my cowriters have writing sessions, we check in with each other. When we ask, “How are you?” or “What’s going on with you?”, we are not being polite. We care about each other and […]

The Cardinals on My Deck

The cardinals on my deckknow nothingof riots and protests.Their’s is a worldof trees, rivers and streams.The sun rises, the moon sets.Winds blow, rain falls.In storms, floods, and hurricanesThey seek shelter.The beating of their wingscan not save them. (Stephanie C Brown – January 7, 2021)

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