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When my mother passed, she left her quilting fabric to me. If you do not come from a quilting family, you may not understand. Leaving a quilting stash (all fabric) to me was more important than leaving any jewelry or anything else, except maybe cookware. Mother sewed for our family and others. She was a quilter. One room in her house was full of fabric to the point of only a pathway through. When she moved into town, she did give a lot of it away. I did not realize how much she still had until she passed and I moved it to my house.

I took the fabric in the house and attic, but the fabric she had in her shop went into storage at my nephew’s. I got all of that this week. The photo collage you can see how much I got and some of what I have washed and folded, which is not nearly half of it and is not counting all I already had. All of it is 100 percent quilting cotton. Some of it is themed like thte Elvis and the pigs. Some of it is outdated. Some of it is beautiful. i love touching it all.

My daughter is a beginning quilter and wants some of it. We laughed and said her grannie would probably come back and haunt us if we did not take care of the fabric. To say we have a fabric obsession is an understatement. When we were cleaning out Mother’s house, my daughter and I would not let my brother who was the boss that day come into the sewing room. I remember him standing in the hall with the most puzzled look.

A crazy quilt I made for my sister in 1998 was in with the fabric. I had forgotten it and how much I loved making it.

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Once again, I am barely making the deadline for my Saturday post. I have barely touched on quilting. Come back. I am sure I will be posting more about quilting in future posts as it seems quilting is calling my name again.