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Bipolar Disorder

As a fast track to building this blog I am taking the Jeff Goin’s Intentional Blog course. One of the guidelines is early on on your blog, you should post about your cornerstones, the content your reader is likely to find on your blog. I have not posted lately about a content you will likely find here. I have bipolar disorder, and it affects most aspects of my life. I have people argue with me that I do not have it because I cope so well. I have people tell me there are better ways than medication to handle it and that meds are more harmful than helpful. I have people say they must have it too because sometimes they are depressed. What it comes down to with me is people do not live my life; they are not in my skin; they may think they know, but they do not. Of course, this is true for everyone.

Bipolar is a bundle of traits and symptoms. I do not think they can all exist at the same time., but I can move through them fairly quickly. That is good, or at least, gives me hope. Today has been what I call a bipolar day. I meant to post more in depth about not only my experiences but also some articles, others’ blog posts, and some quotations. That is going to take more time than I could devote to it today. I will finish the more in depth post and publish it later.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your personal experience with bipolar disorder. My son is bipolar. We need more people shine the light on mental health. Thank you

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