Stephanie C Brown
Bipolar Disorder – a Blessing and a Curse

Edited with correct link: 3:36 PM 10/24/2020 I have been struggling with writing this post about the blessing and the curse of having bipolar disorder for over two hours. I have written and deleted, written and deleted. Then I googled and found all of my search words in Inga St├╝nzner‘s Bipolar disorder ‘a blessing and […]

Discovery and Recovery

Has your past ever blindsighted you? Memories you had buried or pushed aside appear front and center. That happened to me this week while working on my book that is not all my story but parts of my story. To determine what I want to include and what I do not, I have revisited my […]

Wednesdays and Saturdays

Thank you, my eight followers for being with me from the beginnning. I am fourty-four posts in and getting a sense of what I want this blog to be and a plan for getting there. What can you expect for now? Here’s the plan for now. New post on Wednesday and Saturday A photograph on […]

Life’s Complexity

I often tell people my life after retirement has been a Zen life, but that’s not true. If it were, focusing this blog would be easier. As is, my life is complex with a wide spectrum of interests, passions, obsessions, speculations, philosophy, and experiences. Although I refuse to let it define me, I think my […]

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