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You Know You Gotta Friend

Mark Narmore and I sat, both masked, in my backyard under a shade tree this morning and talked like old friends do. We have Zoomed, but this was our first true visit since March. In fact, this was my first visit with anyone other than family since then. We agreed you know you have a true friend when they will mask for you.

Later Will McFarlane came by, and we visited under my shade tree. There are many people I would like to see, but a few I need to see. Mark and Will are two I need to see.

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Get me out of this vacuum!

Please, follow this blog and leave comments. I am missing the interaction and feedback now that I am on social media break. This feels somewhat like a vacuum .

Instead of quick Facebook posts, generally not edited, I want to find my style and my voice for the novel I plan to write. To do so, I have to slow down and not be so quick and careless.

Nine Years Later


I started this blog thirty-eight  days before I retired but have posted only once. I am not going to catch you up on the last nine years other than none was as challenging as this one. Cocid19. I do not want to go there today. I am on break from all social media because posts and photos increased my stress level. However, I miss sharing photos, thoughts, and links, so here we are.