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Some Days – for the Birds

I am thankful all my days are not the same. Mark Narmore and I wrote a song around that idea. It is not about birds, but this entry is. Thanks to Mark for his great demo of Most Days. I hope you enjoy the song and the photos of today’s birds.

Most Days – Are Not -written by Mark Narmore (Nobel Vision ) and Stephanie C Brown (River and Stones Music _Ascap)

I am feeling the unrest in my country so am having a difficult time settling down to do anything productive. Thank heavens, today was a day for the birds. I put out black-oil sunflower seeds on my deck every morning for the birds. My camera stays on the coffee table right in front of an easy chair. Today some came. I have chosen to post only the ones of Red-brested Woodpecker and American Goldfinch

The day could have been for many things. Today it was for the birds.

American Goldfinch – Florence, Alabama – my deck – January 9, 2021 (I can not travel in time so ignore the date on the photos. I need to reset my camera.)

Red-breasted Woodpecker – Florence, Alabama – my yard – January 9, 2012

Today has been a good day.

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The Cardinals on My Deck

A Cardinal’s Wings

The cardinals on my deck
know nothing
of riots and protests.
Their’s is a world
of trees, rivers and streams.
The sun rises, the moon sets.
Winds blow, rain falls.
In storms, floods, and hurricanes
They seek shelter.
The beating of their wings
can not save them.

(Stephanie C Brown – January 7, 2021)

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December 16th Birds

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in today’s world I do not think so. Photos are so easily altered. Seeing is no longer believing. I promise these bird photos that I took sitting in an armchair in the room off my deck have not been altered in any way (Florence, Alabama). I feed birds regularly. One cardinal named Buddy waits on the rail in the mornings. He hears me when I get up and I hear hiim. He still keeps about three feet between us, but the others fly to the tree until I am back in the house. I have feeders in the yard, but the rail ones are more active. Forgive the mess. I am not as good at keeping their feeding area clean as I should be. I call taking photos of birds one of my Zen things. I think of nothing else. I did not know how beautiful birds are until I started photographing them. The feathers, oh, the feathers. See for yourself. Did you realize how amazing bird feathers are?

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Last Year’s Cardinals and Doves

One of my passions is making photos of the birds that come. This year I have been caught up in my songs, blog, and book so have not made photos. I think I will slow down and focus on my birds. All I have to do is sit in my rocker with camera in hand, These photos are October birds on my deck last year.